i’m not really sure what this blog is about. partly it’s about brownies (obviously) but mainly it’s about living with an eating disorder.

i like brownies. i really like brownies. without wishing to boast, i make a pretty good brownie (a colleague once described them as the best brownies she had ever eaten). but at the moment, i don’t eat them because a single brownie contains more calories than i eat in a day. if it’s a really good brownie, maybe more calories than i eat in a couple of days. i miss being able to just eat a brownie. but not enough to eat one.

this might be a blog about recovery. i don’t know yet. there definitely won’t be any advice on how to pretend that you eat like a normal person. it might not really be about anything. there will probably be some recipes for brownies here though.

~ london, january 2018